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How to Activate the Device

After the initial 3 hour charging of the device, you will need to power up OrCam Learn and activate it through the "OrCam Learn" mobile app. 

1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone.

2. Turn on the OrCam Learn device.

3. Download and Install the OrCam Learn App on your Smartphone but clicking the links below, or scan the QR code with your Smartphone's camera.

For iPhone click here

For Android click here

4. Open the OrCam Learn app

5. At the bottom, click the blue button that says "register with verification code"

6. Now fill in the form with your full name and email and click "send code".

7. A code will be sent to your email, so enter that code into the app and click "next".

8. Now follow the steps in the OrCam Learn app until you get to the "Welcome screen".

9. (Make sure your device is still on at this point).

10. Click "connect your device" and continue following the instructions on the app to connect your device to your phone via Bluetooth.

  • You must ensure that your phone is not paired with any other Bluetooth devices (eg earphones, speaker, smartwatch). If it is, please turn the connected device off.
  • Android Only: You must have location enables on your phone.
  • Ensure the blue light on the top of the OrCam Learn are illuminated. If they are not, press the power button to wake up the OrCam Learn.
  • This process may take up to 10 minutes.
  •  If you are experiencing issues pairing OrCam Learn with your mobile device, try pointing the OrCam Learn towards the ceiling.
  • If you are using and Android phone, location service must be enabled, as well as Bluetooth.

11. If step 10 was successful, you will get a pop up message that says "reading report", you should click "maybe later".

12. Last step is to connect to Wifi. On the bottom right of the app click "controls". Then click "connecting OrCam Learn to Wifi", choose your Wifi and put in your network password.

13. Now check if the light at the bottom of your OrCam Learn turned green. If it is green, this means your device is connected to Wifi. 

14. Now your device is ready to use. 

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