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How to Adjust the Word Spacing

You can increase or decrease the length of time OrCam Learn pauses between each word during reading without slowing the time it takes to read each word.

OrCam Learn has three options for word spacing: Regular (default), Medium (with an extra half-second between words), and Long (an extra full second between words)

There are three ways to adjust the word spacing on the OrCam Learn:

1. Vocal Commands

  • Simply say: "Hey OrCam, Increase Word Spacing" or: "Hey OrCam, Decrease Word Spacing".
  • Alternatively; you can double tap on the trigger button, and after long beep say: "Increase Word Spacing"  or: "Decrease Word Spacing".

2. In the Settings Menu

  • Click here for details on how to access the settings menu
  • Once in the settings menu, press the volume up (+) button  twice.
  • Press the trigger button to select Reading Settings Menu.
  • Press the volume up (+) button once
  • Press the trigger button to change word spacing
  • Follow the prompts to adjust rhe word spacing. 

3. In the App

  • Open the Control tab and select: "Other Settings"
  • Then select: "Reading"
  • Then select: "Word Spacing"

Then select: "Word Spacing"

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