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How to Read Text With OrCam Learn

OrCam Learn can read any printed or digital text at any time from any surface, including books, computer screens, smartphones, and tablets. With a single click, it can read a paragraph, single word, an entire page, and even a two page spread of a book.

Reading with the OrCam Learn

  1. Hold OrCam Learn steady, directly facing the text, at a distance of about 6-14 inches (15-35 cm) away from the text.
  2. Press the trigger button. You will hear a camera shutter sound.
    • OrCam Learn will make several beeps as it processes the text. It will then begin reading the text and chime when finished reading.

Note: You can also read more specific text by long pressing the trigger button for up to 5 seconds. During the long press, adjust the border laser frame or mouse laser pointer to capture the desired text. If your finger is not released before 5 seconds transpire, the camera will not activate.

Reading Navigation.
Easily navigate any text while reading.
• To pause or resume reading, press the trigger button twice.
• To skip to the next sentence, press on the plus (“+”) volume button once.
• To go back to the previous sentence, press on the minus (“-”) volume button once.
• To stop reading, press the trigger button once.
OrCam Learn will make a chime sound when finished reading.

Note: The reading navigation functions do not work while reading in Smart Reading mode.

Laser Pointer Modes.
The laser pointers are designed to help you focus your OrCam Read on any desired text. You can switch the laser pointer mode by pressing the plus and minus volume buttons at the same time.

There are two laser pointer modes: 

  • “Border” for reading framed text.
  • “Mouse” to read a specific word.

Note: Press and hold the trigger button only until the count of three, and then release. After holding down the Trigger Button for 5 seconds, the laser will disappear and the camera will not activate.

General Tips for Reading with the OrCam Learn.

  • For best detection, ensure that the camera lens is directly facing the text or object, the angle is not too sharp, and the lens is not covered or dirty. The camera can only read text or recognize objects in its field of view.
  • Make sure you do not move the texts or objects you would like OrCam Learn to read or recognize while the device is taking a picture.
  •  Avoid taking pictures while walking or at moving texts or objects as the device may not read or recognize properly.
  • OrCam Learn will inform you whether the text is upside down, the environmental lighting is too dark, or it is unable to read the text.
  • If you attempt to perform a feature and OrCam Learn responds with a short chime, then the device is informing you that no action has taken place.
  • If you are having trouble keeping the text steady, a book stand is recommended.

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